Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Missing In Action


(all images belong to the fabulous google)

Do forgive me for being so MIA recently,
but there is most probably more to come :S

I am in Ireland at the momento,
doing some work experience with my cousin
and her husband who are architects..I am not yet sure
if architecture is for me, but only time can tell...
what do you ladies do/want to do profession-wise?

(a pig farm work experience is planned for next week or so!)

In a couple of days I will be travelling to another 
part of Ireland to spend time with one of my best
friends (who is Irish, so has family&friends over here)
where I will be working on farms and generally
enjoying the countryside and leprechauns ;)

And then more travels after that so frequent blog posting
will not be a big possibility right now...

...I hope you are all enjoying your Summertime!


Friday, 2 July 2010

no school = shopping?

well..."school's out"...and I went shopping

Quite a lot of it is safari inspired
or something similar as I'm quite
into that atm and it those colours
look better when my skin has a 
summery glow hence I will be whipping
on the St. Moriz tonight
or tomorrow! 

summery khaki dress
(£7/8) h&m!

oversized jumper/dress
(was £12.99 now £7!) h&m
wore this today with leggings :)
so comfy :D

baggy khaki stripey top
(loving safar colours!)
with a bottom flap thing that covers
your arse haha! 
(also gorg with leggings)

primark bikini with 
an aztec-y print for £7
but it broke before I properly
wore it :(
[exchanging it today!]

simple black bandeau
for new look £3.20 (was £4)
-forgot to rotate the pic- oops

And that was my little shopping spree!

I know I am posting mainly hauls but I will
do a review or something else soon..

I'm off for a canoeing trip for a week
tomorrow so I probs won't post
for a while after tomorrow
(but of course I am making time to go to
the preview of Eclispe tomorrow morning!)