Tuesday, 29 June 2010

over the mooooooon


This is just an extremely short post to 
let you know that I am over the moon
to be able to say my exams are OVER
and to add the cherry on top...

...I have reached 

I am 
t h e

(not my images, people - credit google)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Say "Goodmorning" to Mornflake!

'Ello 'ello 'ello ladiesss!

I thought I would do a post on brekkie!
You've heard it all before- 
breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
don't skip it, skipping it won't aid weight loss 
( a King and I moment right there? ;)

It's fantastic if you can have some wholegrains and fibre
(and protein is great aswell, but my mornflake 
brekkie of this post focuses less on the latter)

I have it with some semi skimmed milk and fruit!

MOO! ^

This museli/cereal is gorg!
Don't be eating the sugary stuff that's filled
with colourings that turn the milk another colour!

This mornflake contains:

The only 'bad stuff' is the sulphur dioxide
preservative in the dried fruit, but other than
that this box is crammed full of 
yummy stuff including whole almonds! 

I first heard about this brand in this online article:

and then in tesco's I saw the cereal and 
now have a back up box! 
(For about £2 I wanna say)

I really think
it's a super start to the day that keeps
me satisfied for a long time..and
it's actually tasty! 

for added fabulous fibre
(great for the digestive system)

I will definately be having a bowl before my last
exam tomorrow, for a good dose of slow
release energy to keep my brain working throughout!

what do you lurrvely ladies have for brekkie?
post a comment!


Saturday, 26 June 2010

But boot sales are oh so cheap!

As I sit here listening to Busted (ah, sweet nostalgia)

I may have to admit that I bought a few goodies at
the carboot sale today!
But I had to go, to show my dear pal
(PLUS, we bumped into Alexa! Yay!)
My best buys, in my opinion were:

This vintagey box thing for all bits and bobs!

How much? How much? How much?

Well, at first I was told £1...
but I was running low on the £££
I mean realllly low...


(or was it 66?)
who cares? because either way,

I also bought this book which I had read up about
and actually looked at a smaller version of
in a local book shop...

on the back it says £12.99

I know, right?!

Other than that,
I had a fabulous time later
when Nat, Iza and I went
for a spot of photography for
Nat's photography website which she
will *hopefully* launch this Monday!
(so excited to see it!!!)

And boy, was it hot today!
How did you beauties
enjoy/avoid the (rather heavy)
sprinkling of sunshine?


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

straws, strawberries and water from a guiness glass

Wednesday June 23rd: 
Summer officially started 2 days ago!

And what better to much on in the 
Sun than some succulent strawbs?
(no, not the haribo ones! 
golly gosh!)

I'd like to say, 'Here are some I grew myself!' 
but it was indeed the papa who planted them!
Some still have a wee bit to go
(I'm not even Scottish...OH WELL I like
the word 'wee' -in the sense 'little')
but some...
...are ripe and ready to be
plopped into the morning


(wow, I'm using a lot
of exlamation marks in this post
Now...back to 
the one
the only
(physics exam tomorrow..
then chemistry on monday
and then

and to finish off this post, 
I'd like to leave you lovelies a 
hydration tip! 
oh yes - big word :)

The summer sun has begun 
(couldn't resist the rhyme, 
do forgive my cheesiness)

(^couldn't help myself!)

Anyway, where was I?
oh yes..basically

-it's hot
-you get dehydrated
-you want to drink water
-you know you should drink 
more than you actually do

I have the answer!
(for me, anyway ;)

Some people really don't like water 
and say it has no taste etc etc
(maybe plop a starberry in 
your glass next time?
..just a thought..ANYWAY-
gosh, I am distractable)

Personally, I find drinking water 
pretty easy and second nature
 as I don't drink much else! 
I don't like juicy, fizzy drinks, 
or milk on its own..

even so, I find drinking out
of a big glass such as a Guinness
glass :) and with a
(fabulous luminous green)
makes me drink so much quicker
and just makes it easier..and
in a way more fun, haha!

Try it if you're trying
to drink lots of water
(H2O is super healthy
and good for you,

I should really get my hands on
those curly straws I reckon
most of you remember from childhood:

okay, this was a
crazy long post, 
if you got to this point 
then have an orange
as a reward :D :D :D

(photo taken in Spain 
this last Christmas :)

(and no, these aren't for you lazy little
skim readers!....I confess, I do it too
sometimes, so go on,
you can have an orange too!)

I must be in a very strange mood
- a delirious one indeed-
to offer people oranges through 
the internet...hehe, well 
this is me!

enjoy the sunshine

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I might have gone shopping again...

As I sit here infront of my PC, 
chewing my tasty gum...
(which isn't really as long lasting as it makes out! :O shocker)

...I have to say I went to Primark...
shhhhh it's cheap.

But look what I bought!

Such a cute dress in such a classic
colour combo with such a carefree 
polkadot print! and with the 
fabulous price tag of £5!

So...for £1.50
I couldn't resist buying these
earrings to match:

(a little vintage inspired maybe?
quite impressive, primark...
keep up the good work!)

I think these two purchases would look
scrumptious together..along with some
white/cream tights for when it's colder
and perhaps a spot of winged liner...

speaking of which! (see what I did there ;)

I popped into the nearby superdrug aswell
and bought the sleek ink pot
gel eyeliner type thingy in 'dominatrix'.

I am quite dissappointed with a grey one I have
but this seems much better!
I will probably do a review for your beauties later..

Ta Ta For Now!

And it's Father's Day, soooo
go enjoy your day with your Daddy!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

collective 'hauling'

heyyyyyy worrrrrrrrrrrrld

*scroll to the bottom to read
about how you can win tickets to
the L.A. premiere of 'Eclipse'!!!

'hauling' is still a slightly strange concept to me..
despite having watched/or read about plenty!

anyway, here are some things I got recently ☺

My mommmma got me these pretty coral earrings when she 
was away and she says they might be from a shop called 'orsay'
(which does really comfy, easy dresses too btw!)
but I've never seen one in the UK..they do have them in Europe
though methinks..definately Poland ☺
but I reckon there are plenty of shops on the UK high street that 
sell very similar ones..h&m, claire's, river island..I dunno! :P

This maxi moo is from..lo and behold..Primarni!
It was £9 and I haven't worn it out yet..
..and I'm, not sure when I will to be honest..
contemplating returning it...what do you think?

A 'New Look' store opened near me recently
and as I was one of the first 25 (or something)
people to buy something, I got a £5 voucher
...sooo I only spent £1 on these flower slides
and (below) these floral clips:
I really like flowers in hair! 
hence these purchases!
I might give one set away as a present
when a friend's birthday comes up...
we shall see! -it was worth rushing to find
something to buy in order to get my
hands on that voucher! he he!

lastly, my amazon order of 'Skinny Bitch'
arrived! It's basically all about a vegan diet
and it sort of says that that's the only way
to lose weight but everyone knows that 
eating a bit of meat won't make you gain
10 stone in 10 minutes!
It's a bit intense, and I won't be going vegan
JUST yet...or giving up ice cream or
chocolate for that matter! ☻
An interesting read if you are into
nutrition, I suppose..(I've only read a few
pages though! so don't take my word for it!)

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves lovelies!
I only have two exams left, and they are in a
little under 2 weeks! so that means..a bit of
a break for me! hip hip hoorah!


* any TWILIGHT fans out there?
WELL, you can win tickets to the L.A.
premiere of Eclipse by taking a photo of yourself
in a red carpet outfit and posting it to claire's accessories:

I walked past claire's the other day and saw a poster for it!
It would be soooo fabulous to win! You can go into a
claire's store and get a little card which
you will need, to read a code to later type into
the contest form...I've been in two claire's stores
since and both codes have been 'ECLIPSE'
The comp closes this Friday!!!
you have to be over 12 to enter
(ahhh, good ole claire's accessories)

Thought I'd let you ladies know,
in case you were fans..because I'd definately
want to know if I hadn't seen the poster!