Friday, 11 June 2010

we all need a bit of glamour in our life!

yes, I am one of the crazy people that bought three copies of the same magazine because of the INSANELY FABULOUS FREE GIFTS!!! Last year it was mini bad gal lash, the year before full size lipglosses, and this year benefit and glamour have done it again with a range of full size pencils! YAY!

I won't babble on about the products themselves as I'm sure you've read all about them on other blogs but here are some pretty swatches :) (yes, I made like Fleur  and made the swatches little pretty things hehe

but yes, I thought I would just console you that if you did the same, you aren't the only crazy lady!

and if you have been hiding in a blog-free, beauty-free, (bonkers-free too I must add) hole, 
then GO GO GO and get your hands on the JULY issue of 'glamour' mag for £45 of products available to us beauty fanatics for only £6 (3 x £2...ah, the maths revision payed off-oooh, fyi I only have two exams left and they are in about 2 weeks, so yes do still need to revise a bit but I have LOTS more free time right now!)...
anyway, hurry...
before they all sell out!!!


  1. lucky! i only managed to get hold of a bad gal copy :| x

  2. I bought them all on friday :)YAY
    so happy xD

  3. @Dolly seems we were lucky to get all three! I didn't have much trouble...@Beccy check the smaller newsagents near you...the quiet ones where people might not think to look :) xxx
    also, boots had quite a few but maybe I was lucky..good luck if you do decide to try and hunt down the other two! :) xxxxx