Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Outfit Of The Day Wehey ☺

Top o' th' mornin'..afternoon...whatever
so here is my outfit of the day per se

I was manily off to the library 
for some hard core revision
(and popped into the £1 shop for some 
cadbury's fingers oh yessss) 
so I dressed very casually

The top I bought in a vintage/second hand type 
shop in Polandand I can't take credit for cutting
 the top of it off (it's not one shoulder btw
-sort of looks like that in the pic :o)
but cutting the top of t shrits is a pretty easy, standard, 
popular thing to do that can instantly 
transform a boring plain tee into 
some ragged fabulousness to throw on 
with some simple shorts or jeans...

On that note,
I wore the top with a pair of jeans/jegging-
they look like jeans but are stretchy, 
oh you know what I mean :)
which are pretty plain so I didn't include a pic 

I wore this pair of elephant earrings with the outfit for a bit
of added 'glitz' if that is the correct word haha, 
and I made these myself last year or so  *.*

Lastly, I opted for these gladiator/snakeskinish 
pair of 'office' sandals complete with some 
turquoise toenails courtesy of barry m :D

so YAH
there you have it chaps and chapesses,
a quick post on this warm Spring day 

have a good evening, 
I'm quite looking forward to today's episodes of
waterloo road and junior apprentice!
are any of you lovelies watching those?



  1. Yes Ola. I love Waterloo Road - Team Bolton(L) and Junior Apprentice im rooting for Zoe!

    I love your posts their soo cute. I dont know how to explain your style but I HEART IT. You must make earings like that and sell them

  2. erm sorry babies sit's all about BRITAIN'S GOT (no) TALENT
    and you already know my love for those shoes and nailvarnish...
    but the rest too deserves a *wolf whistle*
    And, "Top o' th' mornin'..afternoon...whatever"

  3. hehe so nice to get a comment from you two lovely ladies!!! spesh louisa! haven't spoken in ages but am following your blog! :)
    not sure about selling jewellery- haven't made any in a while but who knows, I'll have a lot more free time soon :) ha ha! but nat's jewellery will be scrumptious for sure :) :) :) xxx

  4. adorable shoes. and your top is wonderful. i love how every looks so chic together. :)