Monday, 31 May 2010

Outfit..."en retard"

Hello munchkins :)
Thought I'd do a much belated post wishing 
Alexa -->  (Blog-isthenewblack)
a happy birthday! 
It was on May 28th and I thought I'd show you lovelies
what I wore to her birthday dinner which was YUM :)

i am not a big fan of 'flash covering the face' photos,
(as I usually associate them with trout pout mirror posing haha) 
but OH WELL tough cookies
some plastic fantastic beaten up primark brogues (£8)
with my floral Calzedonia tights (iffy on the price here as 
they're from a calxedonia in Italy- but there's one in Westfields)
Bargain Bag from near Portobello Market..I remember
haggling it down I think it was like £2.50..or £3.50 
(?) not sure, it's been a while since I've cycled down there :(
some €2 Spanish earrings :D
My Grandma's old watch and a bracelet I made 
(don't mind me hairy arms ayyyy)
though't I'd jump on the outfit of the day type thing 
band wagon!
btw! check out this website created by GemsMaquillage:

where anyone can post in an outfit so you get loads of 
different outfit of the days on one page!
It's a great way to find out about new bloggers and promote
your own blog too! I am going to post in a pic soon :)


ttyl beauties xxx

Friday, 28 May 2010

1,2,3 clinique!

had 2 physics exams today and now a whole week sans exams! 
which basically means more revision, but still!
I thought I might review the 3 step clinique skin care system for you guys
Quite a few people in the beauty community have tried it, 
and if not then they've heard about it
..and if you haven''s your chance! haha!

I bought my set at duty free when I was was coming back home
from the Easter holidays, after having tried samples some time ago

I've used it quite regurlarly for over a month now methinks..
some nights or mornings I've skipped it but hushhh

Right, so there are various combos for 4 different skin types:

1-very dry
2-combo:mainly dry
3-combo:mainly oily
4-very oily

You can get tested at a clinique counter, answer some questions, 
woopdedoo it's free...but I was reccomended no.2. in Poland and 
if you research online you can work it out too :)


- STEP 1 The mild liquid facial soap
clinique web prices range from £13 for the 
200ml to £20 for 400ml

I actually am not that impressed with this...sure, it leaves my skin
feeling fresh and clean but I think you can find equally effective 
'drugstore' cleansers...I'd say...3*? okay, maybe 3.5*

-STEP 2 The clarifying lotion 
(which isn't even a lotion, it's a toner)
£14-£23 according to clinique site

wow I really like this stuff...if you don't like that 
burning feeling, this isn't for you but I really like that 
powerful tingle when I swipeover any like, open zits
 (attractive, yes yes) using a cotton ball.
I feel like it kills the bacteria in there :)
...I haven't...yet *touch wood*
This gets 4* from me because it's a bit annoying 
to unscrew the bottle top
every morning and night..
you can get these other ones where you just press 
the cotton ball onto the lid and it soaks up the toner, 
but I didn't get that one for some reason..
maybe they didn't have it :S

-STEP 3 The dramatically different moisturising lotion
(if you are skin type 3 or 4, you get a gel)
£35 for the one with the pump, and there's one without, 
where you pour it onto your hand or dab some out using
a finger ranging from £15-£27, same goes for the gel

The formulation of this is's pretty 
liquidy an when I put it on my face, 
1 minute later, it doesn't feel like I've slapped 
moisturiser on...I only use one squirt of this 
non-greasy loveliness and it moisturises my dry
skin without adding oils to my t-zone.

The only bad thing is that when i squirt it, 
i have to be careful that it doesn't
go on my clothes as it doesn't really ooze 
out like the facial soap, but really
squirts at you..maybe my bottle was just from 
a bad batch or something!
So, this gets 4.5* or..maybe 4* (I'm so indecisive, I know!) 
as there'salways room for improvement..
whether it be the squirt or the smell..
(I can't really describe the smell..
because it isn't really a significant scent..
it fades, but at first sort of makes you 
go, 'hmm..' 
-oh this is a blooming brilliant description!)

[I also exfoliate maybe twice/thrice a week
using (at the mo) St. Ives Apricot scrub]

I think this is a good skin care system, but there are definately 
cheaper alternatives. 
When I run out of this, I don't think I'll be repurchasing
as not only do I like to try new things, 
but I don't find this makes that huge
a difference..but my skin wasn't so bad to start with.
I think for oily skin, this may be more effective, 
and if possible it's worth getting a little sample size
 if you see any shops selling them
and are interested!

These are two bottles from my little sample kit..
I threw the cleanser one away after finishing with it...

I hope that was useful for you if you were interested..
and if you're reading this, 
here's a prize for getting this far!

it was worth it, right?

okay well I'm off now...
Jillian Michael's and her shred awaits!

Have a fabulous day

Thursday, 27 May 2010

NOTD as they say

Ello ello ello
well. here are the nails of the day...
[does anyone actually change their nail colour every day? :O]
here we are with natural collection's 'Hibiscus'
complete with OPI's nail envy used as a base 
(did I do a top coat too? arghh I can't remember! sorry!)
I snipped and painted 'em about three days ago I want to say...
so far so good, they are chipping a little bit at the tips due to everyday activities...
I do believe natural collection polishes are only around £2!

Happy with the OPI nail strengthener I used as a base...
I learnt my lesson with the base coats..remember that 
L.A. colours sparkly purple? 
it's so hard to get it off!!! 
I had to paint over it with a different colour..
then it eventually came off when I used that cutex 
nail polish remover
(thankyou google images for the pic)
this stuff is GOOD.

Anyway, I probably would have made my life easier if I would
have used a base coat...also I don't want my nails developing
a blue, red or yellow tinge for that matter!

ok, so I know everyone is crazy about the nudes, lilacs, pale greens and 
turquoises at the momento but I decided to go for 
a typically 'blonde' colour this time :D (plus, I bought a Rimmel
nudey colour about 1/2 weeks ago and I'm not very happy with it...)

oooooooh! and yesterday I added some gems! hip hip!
i placed them sort of sporadically...well not on each nail is what I'm trying to say..

I chose a turquoise flower to contrast brightly with the pink 
(n.b. the true colour of the polish is shown better in the first picture)
the little flowers are actually pretty sturdy so I am glad I made the investment of £1 in them

have a fabulous day ladies!!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

tone it up!

oh my golly golly golly gosh!
probably my favourite fitness channel on youtube
is having a referral giveaway thingy ma bong!

The two girls that run the channel- Karena and Katrina
also have a website
where they offer recipes, tips and all that fun stuff
they also have a diet plan..which unfortunately you have to pay for..
but their videos offer lots of fun food and exercise ideas!

ok, so basically, in this subscriber referral thing, 
if someone that wants to enter (i.e. me!! hehe) gets lots of their
friends (i.e. you fabulous people?)
 to subscribe to them and then 
you write on their channel wall that I sent you 
(my youtube username is holaola21 btw)
then I get the chance to win not only some fabulous oakley gym goodies
but a copy of their diet plan!!!! oh my gosh i would be so happy!!!!

anything to help me to look like this:

and, even if you don't have the time to make/run a youtube account or 
to subscribe and write on their youtube channel wall, then just search their
videos in the youtube search bar, the girls are so fun and bubbly they are sure
to get you motivated to toning it up!

Thankyou so much guys for reading
and thankyou even more if you do go check them out!!!


'Tacky' might be the word

£1 shops are the way to go if you're looking for a bit of tack ;)
Looooook what I got meself!
I kid you not ladies and gents! 
I bought a nail bedazzling kit, haha
i know, i know..
but look at all the sparklessss!
and for just uno poundo!

Ok, now seriously, I am not going to go all out blingtastic and stick 
three gems on per nail but I do like a little twinkle on my toes or finger nails
I think it's key not to put too many on, and maybe not on each nail (personally)
On some people, a little white one on each nail might look right,
but it's just not my style...i prefer to have like...hmm maybe 2 or 3 per hand

and don't worry, I won't be applying these on a daily basis..
they're just for a bit of fun...and considering the price, why not!?

I'll keep you posted :)

ps: completely off topic, but i thought i might share with you:
feeling peckish? instead of grabbing the crisps...opt for some veg!
it actually tastes nice people!

a fellow blogger and friend Nat often posts about healthy means/recipes
as well as beauty and randomness...
if you want to check her blog out

I boiled some carrots and asparagus the other night...
the colours are pretty ^.^
huh, that little face reminds me of some sort of Japanese comic
book character (^.^) (¬.¬)
haha I amuse myself

ok I shall stop rambling now chaps
goodbye and good luck in the rest of your exams if you 
are doing them atm
(I never have to do English literature again in my life...
E V E R!)

ok, i'm actually going now...


Sunday, 23 May 2010

lookie here

have you guys heard of this website?

i t 
i s 

I think it is quite well known among mainly
 fashion bloggers/vloggers/internauts
but I came across it some time ago and thought
I'd share it with you lovelies :)
A lot of you probs already know about it, 
but for those that don't:

Basically, people who have an account upload
photos of themselves in some outfits..usually quite
quirky, artistic or just plain gorgeous!
fabuloso for fashion and style inspiration ;)

The varied photography also adds to the site
as most of the people that upload their outfits come up
with pretty amazing photography compositions and 
sometimes the photo is more important than the clothes

You can 'hype' them, basically saying you like their
outfit (via twitter if you don't have a lookbook methinks)
and if you really love some girl's washed down floral 
jeggings, then you can click on her photo and she might 
have them tagged with what shop she purchased them in!

And trust me, once you go on there, you just keep on
a scrollin' because the pages load and load non stop
and I can really procrastinate and avoid work on this site!

ha ha, it's worth a look but unfortunately if you want to join, 
you have to have some sort of invite code..
sometimes people post them online, if you google say,
'june 2010 lookbook code' or something, things might
pop up...anywhoooooooooos

back to the life that is more exams this week 


[but first, some rhubarb pie - rhubarb is in season,
take advantage, people!- with Rachel's organic
vanilla yoghurt (the raspberry one is good too fyi :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

out with the old

and in with the new...
goodnye skies of grey...hello skies of blue
okay, i'll shut up now 

I got a new layout!
I'll probably be experimenting some more with it as there
are so many gorgeous layouts out there
..especially on 

So, out of interest I was wondering if any of you
fabulous readers could guess what this picture is of:

I did edit it slightly, but nothing major - just brightness and
contrast, maybe a bit of colour change too...

it was quite large on my previous yeah! just 
wondering what you thought, i'll post the answer in the 
comments if noone guesses ;)

leave a comment and let me know what you think
about the layout

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mossy, is that you?

Kate Moss does topshop again hurrahhh
BUT tbh -as they say-...I am not amazed

Maybe it's because Kate has built up this amazing image
for herself and has set such high standards that my (and
your?) expectations of her are so high aswell...

however, when I was looking through the images of her new
line, some of the stuff I just found not as edgy or just generally.. usual! Some of the stuff was a bit mumsy, some it 
quite plain, and some of it just...mehh...

However, she did not disappoint  completely...
here are a few items I did like :)

1) just because she is g o r g e o u s

2) florally lace = pretty

3) This underwear set is just so sweet
sweet sweet, puddin' n pie.

4) These shorts made it on my list due
to the flirty cream fabric popping
out at the bottom :)
5) This dress seems very vintage inspired
to me and I like the more sparsely laid out
floral bundles

6) A beautifully rich navy maxi dress 
(liking the racer back style straps)

7) This green little number is more wearable
-espesh. for the petite ladies out there-
(btw: what classifies as petite? What height I mean? :)

8) This yellow dress is so summery and just
gorg. It reminds me of something a china doll
might be wearing somewhere in the world :)

So that was my Kate's 8 (see what I did there ;)
There are definately some beautiful pieces in the collection
(it is Kate Moss and Topshop, after all!) and as always,
it's probably worth checking out :D

No collection is perfect so let's just focus on the 
positive: the pretty dresses! :))))

The collection launches the 20th of May...that's

Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


hello chaps
just thought about giving you all a little update!

Today was my 10th day of the 30 day shred...I feel great!
I started out doing solely level first i used my tiny pink
half a kilogram handweights which were a good start but 
pretty easy :) As I didn't have any larger weights, I used
1.5 L bottles of water...they weren't 100% full but 
BOY they were heavier than the weights, I tell you!

The sheer size of them and the water swishing and spolishing
around in them made them quite uncomfortable to work with
(were hand for a quick drink though!) 

so, yesterday I went 
ahead and bought something off my wishlist: the Davina hand
weights! They are quite big, but they are in pretty colours,
and were £9.99 instead of £14.99 hip hip hooray!

Since Sunday I have been mixing up different weights 
with levels 1 and 2..level 2 with the water bottles was
just a this morning I did level one with my 1.13kg
(about 2.5 lbs) dumbbells and tomorrow is level 2 with the 
same ones!

Level 2 is evil..
but evil.

but I love it! exercise makes you feel so good about 
yourself, seriously, it's worth a shot!

also, on Saturday I tried yoga with some friends!
we went to a class which wasn't really beginner, but it
was f a b u l o u s !
I really enjoyed it and have taken some moves home for
a relaxing stretch after my morning work out.
I don't think it's for everyone but I feel it improves posture,
it tones and it just makes you feel good.

Don't get me wrong, I still like more jumpy-a-roundy
and pumping-the-muscle and raising-the-heartrate stuff
-wow that was a lot of dashes---h-e-h-e-

okie doke, well that was my update for you guys n dolls
oh! also..I am thinking of changing my blog background etc.
I don't know if I like the black so much...please let me know
what you would are the ones reading it (I hope;)

also, let me know if you have any flat tum tum tricks I need
to know about ;) but I reckon it's all health and fitness, right?

If you've made it this far... congrats!
I think you deserve a picture of some sort...words and words
non stop can make your brain frazzle sometimes 

yep, random!
hope it made you smile!
(and no, It's not my cat...I just thought it was funny!)