Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This woman is brilliant.

Gotta love yourself a bit of Davina. She's brilliant...

...and so is her new fitness dvd!

Part of my fabuloso plan to get slim, fit and healthy
(mainly to get a better body..specially for Summer hehe),
I popped into hmv and bought this beaut.
I've only worked out with it once, but it was fun!

It gives you 4 different workouts to mix it up and a yoga stretch
thingymabob to ease nect day aches if you like :)
There's funkayyy music to help motivate you while
Davina and her two trainers show you the moves...

You got:
Top Fit
Bottom Fit
Kick Fit
Aerobics Fit

aaright mate

on that note..i had a ridiculous amount of this baby last night:
daily smile: sport releases endorphins (feel good hormone) so do 10 starjumps (:

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