Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tea Party on the Ears

Have you guys seen Alice in Wonderland?
 I love both versions..
cartoon and 3D :)
I think some of the best scenes are the tea party ones :)
So, today I had my own little tea party on my ears!
A while back, I popped into topshop and found I
had £5 left on a I thought, 'why not
buy something for a fiver?' and found these babies ^
I love that they are mismatched! Sometimes it's
fun to wear some odd, quirky combination of earrings..
yes, i bought these like this, but it's really easy to get two
earrings you think look fun together and hey presto!
They aren't heavy, so they don't drag down the ear-
lobe and they are small enough to get away with
if you are only allowed studs at school (well, at
least they are at my school hehe)

I really enjoy wearing earrings..and sometimes it's nice
to wear more dainty ones that are quite subtle, but
when noticed attract attention...

My good friend Alexa (click!) complimented me
on them today and said that I should do a post
about here we are ladies and gents! :)
This post is thanks to her 

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy a minimilk while
I finish watching 'The City' :D

Wear something fun! Even if it's small..
it's sure to make you smile :)



    Dayum i'm jealous of all your stuff!


  2. thankyou! but you have LOADS of amazing clothes and accessories so shhhh xxx

  3. Darling I'm bringing your shamppp and condd tomromrowo xxx