Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Review: Fast Stroke 2000 Liquid Eyeliner

Righty-o..well I have had the normal Fast Stroke 2000 Liquid Eyeliner 
for quite some time now and it has worked well..however a 
few weeks ago I thought I might buy the waterproof 
version because GemsMaquillage mentioned it in a video
So, I don't know if mine is just a bad bottle, but here goes:
The black is the normal, the blue is the waterproof..
The normal one applies quite nicely, maybe a little thinly but 
definately is the wand/tip

pretty slick and the black doesn't seem to black in
the photo but I think it looks fine in person, especially if you
set it with any black eyeshadow :)
look at the waterproof one:
yeugh! clumpy and g l o o p y y y y
The waterproof one applies really weirdly, when you put
it on, it leaves a line of where you dragged it..I think you can
see this quite well in this photo:
The one on the left is the waterproof one-can you see the line
that is visible from where the tip of the wand touched my hand
..right down the centre of the swatch?
These swatches were done without wiping the wands on the bottle
cap before applying, as were these:
Can you guess which one is the waterproof one?
Yep, the one on the left, the one with the clumpy bit at
the start of the swatch!

Personally, I think the only real 'pro' of these products is their price:
around £2.99 I believe
The normal one is better in my opinion..but I still need to find
a really nice liquid eyeliner...

what are your favourite eyeliners?
I am thinking of buying a mac gel liner...not sure..
I have a grey 'sleek' one but it doesn't feel very gel-y...
..maybe it's just dried out...i like it though...
ANYWAY I'm rambling..this clearly means I don't have many
things of importance to mention...on that note...
have a good day! or evening :)

daily smile: look in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment, 
believe it, and you will radiate beauty :D

ahh, nothing like a bit of cheesiness to finish a post, eh? XD

ps: this review was brought on by a Lauren Conrad look
I did...which will be posted tomorrow...
so look out for it if you're interested


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  1. Love the cheesy ending BEJBE.

    And, I use the normal one ;)