Thursday, 6 May 2010

topshop, have you done it again?

topshop does makeup, people, yes that's right.
no, I am not in possession in any of the ravishingly packaged goodies...YET

I kid ye not fellow makeupers.
Thanks to FleurDeForce's review on the stuff... (youtube guru from the UK whoop whoop, here's a link:

...I am now considering a topshop creme blush...

Have you tried it out yet? Bearing in mind it was released yesterday heh
I think this whole clothing-store-does-makeup usually does not go swimmingly
you'd think it can either go horribly wrong or brilliantly right, right? ;)
well, i reckon topshop might just stand a chance here,
what do you think?

fear not, it blends
ALSO look at the packaging

I know, right? :)


  1. But how expensive is their make-up range?

  2. this blush is £6 which isn't bad BUT some stuff is overpriced in my opinion...i think the mascara is pretty pricey :o check the site :)