Sunday, 9 May 2010

Costume Institute Gala 2010- a wee late

Okay so I know I'm not the first to mention the 

Costume Institute Gala 2010, 

but reading Alexa's


post on some of her favourite dresses, 

and looking for competitions to enter online, 

lead me to having a look at some 

of the masterpieces celebs wore to the event.

Which leads me to this:
First off, let me say I love Kate Hudson. 
I absolutely loved her character in Bride Wars 
and she was so good at singing and dancing as well 
as acting in the sexy film 'Nine' 
(to which I looove the music btw)

and then this D  R  E  S  S
By Stella McCartney and
oh my goodness gracious me she looks
absolutely beautiful!
*nude= on trend
*that neckline looks so pretty on her
*check those heels baby!
*check that leg too lol
*look at her grin! she's having fun!
*apparently she said it made her feel like a princess

when you look closely at the detail of the dress, 
it has little sequin thingys which I don't like toooo much
BUT as a package, Kate Hudson gets my vote :)

smile! wear something that makes you feel like a princess :)


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