Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gone Fishing

Fishtail Plait!
Have you always wanted to know how to do one of 
these? I did for A  G  E  S and then the lovely 
on youtube taught me how in her video

(I tie a side pony tail and then plait to 
make it a little easier for myself :)

This is a gorgeous hairstyle for second day hair..
be warned! it does take some time..especially
for long hair! But even if it gets messy
throughout the day, it still looks chic!

Braid and plaits of all sorts have been seen on the
runways recently, and it is wearable, so..
*double yay*

now that is one perfect fishtail braid! ^
I think I prefer them messy though!
or tied with a cute or rough ribbon ^

liking the laid back, messy look for sure
or you could just go mental with it! haha!

There are lots and lots of how to vids on
this but I found this one of the most
easy-to-follow..I actually found it because
Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet on youtube) tweeted
about the vid!-and yes, I am a little yt obsessed!

If any of you try it out..let me know
how it goes!


  1. I love braids but have never tried the fishtail braid. Usually I just go for the easy braided side tail or a french braid. Imogen's tutorial was really well done. I watched it on her blog and wanted to try it myself but haven't gotten around to do it yet.

  2. yeah it was so helpful! you should definately try's a really nice idea for second day hair :) let me know how it goes xxx

  3. I just watched Foxy Locks and did a fish tail today as well! Love them, and not as hard to do as I thought, xx

  4. I tried but her video is too fast for me lol