Monday, 10 May 2010

curly wurly

I curled my hair last night with this
Jose Eber curling iron..
I got it as a birthday present..I think it was bought at Fenwicks
but you can buy them cheaper online..
also, there are different sizes: 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm
Mine came with a free heatproof glove thing which I don't use
These are a little different to the traditional curler because
they don't have that clip thingymabongy :P

It gives you real ringlets which I brushed out because
 I didn't want to look quite like Samantha Who! 
I have the 13mm one which was reccomended for me at the counter
(I think it's because I have straight hair..I'm not really
The curls last for quite a while (especially when hairsprayed)
no, but seriously if you didn't wash your hair or brush them out loads, 
they'd probably last 3 days or something!
I used a little bit of hairspray..which I then brushed out haha..
and then I tied it up loosely and slept on it..and then brushed it 
out again in the morn and this is what the curls looked like after
a whole day at school :-)
daily smile: do something different with your hair :)


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, im growing mine out atm. I usually do curls with my ghds but theyr not that great honestly x

  2. oh yes i have head about curling hair with straighteners but I don't actually own straighteners because I don't really need luck with growing your hair..mine grows pretty fast but I'd just say to use as little heat on your hair as possible, if you have to then do use a heat protector, and i know people say to go to the hairdressers to get a trim every so often but when i am growing my hair i don't get it cut at all pretty much :)
    long hair can be hard work but is fun :) xxxx

  3. That's so pretty! I've been trying to find a curling tong for ages but the ones I've been using (all Nikki Clarke) just leave the ends of my hair really frazzled looking. Definitely think I'll be trying this one! xx

  4. mm..i sort of get what you mean about the ends...i think brushing through the sections of hair against your hand (to reduce frizz) before curling might help (and using heat protectant of course) but I also feel my ends getting all dry and frazzled a tad too :/ Split ends! But I don't curl my hair I suppose it's not too bad hehe
    thankyou so much for commenting xxxx

  5. I love your hair color. It's about my length. I found your blog thru the lollipop26. I just starting blogging too. Check out mine if you have time.

  6. U have a beautiful hair and colour.
    I think daily smiling is a key for beauty :-)
    From youtube friend: Tony ( tonyuul )

  7. thankyou so much @Tony

    and @Ansa, i'm now following you to! helping to get the follower ball rolling :) right? :D xxxxx