Friday, 28 May 2010

1,2,3 clinique!

had 2 physics exams today and now a whole week sans exams! 
which basically means more revision, but still!
I thought I might review the 3 step clinique skin care system for you guys
Quite a few people in the beauty community have tried it, 
and if not then they've heard about it
..and if you haven''s your chance! haha!

I bought my set at duty free when I was was coming back home
from the Easter holidays, after having tried samples some time ago

I've used it quite regurlarly for over a month now methinks..
some nights or mornings I've skipped it but hushhh

Right, so there are various combos for 4 different skin types:

1-very dry
2-combo:mainly dry
3-combo:mainly oily
4-very oily

You can get tested at a clinique counter, answer some questions, 
woopdedoo it's free...but I was reccomended no.2. in Poland and 
if you research online you can work it out too :)


- STEP 1 The mild liquid facial soap
clinique web prices range from £13 for the 
200ml to £20 for 400ml

I actually am not that impressed with this...sure, it leaves my skin
feeling fresh and clean but I think you can find equally effective 
'drugstore' cleansers...I'd say...3*? okay, maybe 3.5*

-STEP 2 The clarifying lotion 
(which isn't even a lotion, it's a toner)
£14-£23 according to clinique site

wow I really like this stuff...if you don't like that 
burning feeling, this isn't for you but I really like that 
powerful tingle when I swipeover any like, open zits
 (attractive, yes yes) using a cotton ball.
I feel like it kills the bacteria in there :)
...I haven't...yet *touch wood*
This gets 4* from me because it's a bit annoying 
to unscrew the bottle top
every morning and night..
you can get these other ones where you just press 
the cotton ball onto the lid and it soaks up the toner, 
but I didn't get that one for some reason..
maybe they didn't have it :S

-STEP 3 The dramatically different moisturising lotion
(if you are skin type 3 or 4, you get a gel)
£35 for the one with the pump, and there's one without, 
where you pour it onto your hand or dab some out using
a finger ranging from £15-£27, same goes for the gel

The formulation of this is's pretty 
liquidy an when I put it on my face, 
1 minute later, it doesn't feel like I've slapped 
moisturiser on...I only use one squirt of this 
non-greasy loveliness and it moisturises my dry
skin without adding oils to my t-zone.

The only bad thing is that when i squirt it, 
i have to be careful that it doesn't
go on my clothes as it doesn't really ooze 
out like the facial soap, but really
squirts at you..maybe my bottle was just from 
a bad batch or something!
So, this gets 4.5* or..maybe 4* (I'm so indecisive, I know!) 
as there'salways room for improvement..
whether it be the squirt or the smell..
(I can't really describe the smell..
because it isn't really a significant scent..
it fades, but at first sort of makes you 
go, 'hmm..' 
-oh this is a blooming brilliant description!)

[I also exfoliate maybe twice/thrice a week
using (at the mo) St. Ives Apricot scrub]

I think this is a good skin care system, but there are definately 
cheaper alternatives. 
When I run out of this, I don't think I'll be repurchasing
as not only do I like to try new things, 
but I don't find this makes that huge
a difference..but my skin wasn't so bad to start with.
I think for oily skin, this may be more effective, 
and if possible it's worth getting a little sample size
 if you see any shops selling them
and are interested!

These are two bottles from my little sample kit..
I threw the cleanser one away after finishing with it...

I hope that was useful for you if you were interested..
and if you're reading this, 
here's a prize for getting this far!

it was worth it, right?

okay well I'm off now...
Jillian Michael's and her shred awaits!

Have a fabulous day


  1. WOAHHHWZA so expensive
    for the face its worht it i guess
    and love the *touch wood*
    i need to do that more often bab

  2. Ehhh, it is quite expensive for what it is, especially the lotion, which is mostly mineral oil, which I should definitely avoid putting on my face.

    Despite not approving of the ingredients, I'd still like to try it one day.

    I ja dobrnęłam do końca ;) xxx

  3. Yeah, that's why I got it at duty free as I had euros left over :)
    and gratuluje @Rocaille...podobala sie nagroda? hehe ;)

  4. I need to try the toner as I have hard is really good for break outs.