Saturday, 8 May 2010

a short story: topshop

There I was, browsing the glamour website or some other
magazine website when I came across these babies:
aren't they just B R I L LI A N T !?
topshop does not let us down my friends, oh no
...however they cost £32 (typical topshop :(

next up..
This star and stripe find led me onto the topshop site where I found some more summery beauties...£30, and I love the faded effect here..nice and subtle..
aaah, ^these ^ are gorgeous

these I don't like as much but still not bad..also £30 and
will probs go down well with all ye floral fellows out there

and this pair are pleated - still shorts - do not be fooled...
they look like an old floral skirt and i love 'em!
don't know how they look on but maybe
i shall have to go in store and
try them on for myself eh eh!
£30 also (darrrrrrrrrrrrnit) but they are
just so friggin fantastico looking

daily smile: sick of the cold? look at some summery clothes online :)

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