Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mossy, is that you?

Kate Moss does topshop again hurrahhh
BUT tbh -as they say-...I am not amazed

Maybe it's because Kate has built up this amazing image
for herself and has set such high standards that my (and
your?) expectations of her are so high aswell...

however, when I was looking through the images of her new
line, some of the stuff I just found not as edgy or just generally.. usual! Some of the stuff was a bit mumsy, some it 
quite plain, and some of it just...mehh...

However, she did not disappoint  completely...
here are a few items I did like :)

1) just because she is g o r g e o u s

2) florally lace = pretty

3) This underwear set is just so sweet
sweet sweet, puddin' n pie.

4) These shorts made it on my list due
to the flirty cream fabric popping
out at the bottom :)
5) This dress seems very vintage inspired
to me and I like the more sparsely laid out
floral bundles

6) A beautifully rich navy maxi dress 
(liking the racer back style straps)

7) This green little number is more wearable
-espesh. for the petite ladies out there-
(btw: what classifies as petite? What height I mean? :)

8) This yellow dress is so summery and just
gorg. It reminds me of something a china doll
might be wearing somewhere in the world :)

So that was my Kate's 8 (see what I did there ;)
There are definately some beautiful pieces in the collection
(it is Kate Moss and Topshop, after all!) and as always,
it's probably worth checking out :D

No collection is perfect so let's just focus on the 
positive: the pretty dresses! :))))

The collection launches the 20th of May...that's

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. I LOVE the green 7.)

    And Iza would so wear 5.)

  2. I saw the ad for it, its really wierd but some of it is nice like the dresses would be great for summer. Btw I think anything under 5'6 is petite cos 5'7 above is tall, did u know kate moss wouldnt even fit into the tall range and yet she's a supermodel...hmmm...

  3. lol @ the fact she wouldn't fit tall!
    If 5'6 is petit and 5'7 is there no in between? :o hehe
    revising for biology today..i'm on my break hehe -what about you? xxx

  4. urgh, im having another 'break' lol. i basically finished but i need to go over everything. i think up to 5'7 is tall but shes only 5'6

  5. btw do u by any chance still have my LC book?

  6. yeah! I still have it, shall I bring it in for you tomorrow? xxx