Sunday, 23 May 2010

lookie here

have you guys heard of this website?

i t 
i s 

I think it is quite well known among mainly
 fashion bloggers/vloggers/internauts
but I came across it some time ago and thought
I'd share it with you lovelies :)
A lot of you probs already know about it, 
but for those that don't:

Basically, people who have an account upload
photos of themselves in some outfits..usually quite
quirky, artistic or just plain gorgeous!
fabuloso for fashion and style inspiration ;)

The varied photography also adds to the site
as most of the people that upload their outfits come up
with pretty amazing photography compositions and 
sometimes the photo is more important than the clothes

You can 'hype' them, basically saying you like their
outfit (via twitter if you don't have a lookbook methinks)
and if you really love some girl's washed down floral 
jeggings, then you can click on her photo and she might 
have them tagged with what shop she purchased them in!

And trust me, once you go on there, you just keep on
a scrollin' because the pages load and load non stop
and I can really procrastinate and avoid work on this site!

ha ha, it's worth a look but unfortunately if you want to join, 
you have to have some sort of invite code..
sometimes people post them online, if you google say,
'june 2010 lookbook code' or something, things might
pop up...anywhoooooooooos

back to the life that is more exams this week 


[but first, some rhubarb pie - rhubarb is in season,
take advantage, people!- with Rachel's organic
vanilla yoghurt (the raspberry one is good too fyi :)


  1. I got an invite by email a week or so ago and meant to check it out. Pefect timing...I'll have to check them out now. Rhubarb pie sounds delic right about now. :)

  2. wow! you're so lucky that you got an invite!!!
    did they just randomly send you one? :o!
    and yes, the pie was delish but am refraining from devouring any this morning hehe
    have a lovely sunny day xxxxx

  3. OLA!!!!!!!
    that's the perfectest post for a lazy 'meant to be revising' young lady like me :)
    good luck with your exams too, English literature tomorrow, whooooop =] let's do it. xxxx

  4. Hello honey! I have given you a blog award xxx

  5. They randomly send me an email. Do you use it? I have 5 invitations I can send out. If you want, I can send you one. Let me know. :)I still haven't gotten in to check it all out by the way.