Wednesday, 12 May 2010

LC inspired look :)

I did some Lauren Conrad inspired 
(not copied so it's not perfect LC lol) 
hair, makeup and outfit :)
Here are the makeup products I used 
(forgot to include nivea tinted moisturiser darrrrrnit)

Lauren's makeup look is simple: bronzer and winged eyeliner
are the main features really
Her fashion usually consists of comfortable, feminine,
sometimes slouchy, neautral coloured clothing
Her signature hairstyle is waves with little side braids :)
 Nivea Tinted Moistuiser
17 Concealer
YSL touche eclat
ELF complexion perfection
ELF warm bronzer
Barry M Chocolate bronzer 
(Lauren is a bronzed beauty for sure :)
Benefit Thrrrob Blush
Benefit High Beam Highlighter
2000 Fast stroke liquid eyeliner (normal and waterproof 
because the waterproof one just didn't cut it)
A little bit of L'Oreal Contour Khol in Jet Black
Barry M White Eyeliner
YSL touche eclat again :)
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Various colours from sleek palette (see below)
-the colour pointed to by the white eyeliner I was the colour
I dabbed (using my finger:) onto my inner corner (along with the white liner)
-the colour pointed to by the fluffy eyeshadow brush is a matte
beige because apparently Lauren Conrad doesn't really wear much eyeshadow
-The darker brown on the bottom I used to fill in my brows
-And the black was used over the liquid eyeliner

i.d. bare escentuals Buxom lips plumping gloss
I used just this but the colour didn't really show..basically
I was going for something neutral but Lauren does enjoy a red 
lip sometimes so feel free to dab on some red lipstick instead 

Here's the look! (The bronzer didn't really come out, did it? 
should I not use flash?)
For the hair, I still had it curled from when I told you guys about
the Jose Eber curling iron and then I just parted it down the middle 
(not such a brill look for my face shape I think, but ANYWAY )
and plaited two bits at the front, and pinned them back with some 
hair grips (bobby pins?)
-btw where can I get goog bobby pins/hair grips?..
primark will not provide for me in this area of merchandise!-

here's a close-up of my eye makeup (complete with bushy eyebrow)
with no flash! i'm learning here people...
ooh, spoke to soon, here's one with flash hehe
sorry but the inner corner shimmer&white 
didn't come out very well here.. :/ this is the outfit I put together in what I believe
is LC's style..(yes, I did edit the photo slightly using brightness
and contrast to show the outfit better :)
the plain black dress is H&M
the leggings are too H&M :)
the cream cardi is from
The pearls and bag I was given from my mamaaa
and the shoes are from a shop called Bata in italy
(but there are plenty similar black dolly shoes to be found on the high street :)
sorry, forgot to rotate the shoes :S 
Here are some rings I picked out to go with the look:
The one above is from accessorize..i think it was £4..or maybe £6 
quite prices for a small ring but I really love wearing it :) ..does get
caught on stuff like tights and towels though...
Here, the one on the left is also accessorize and was a birthday pressie
the one on the right I bought for £1 at Spitalfields market :)

I really like little accessories :) especially more unique
 ones like thescarab looking ring from's so fun 
to look for pretty bargainsat markets - do you guys like 
markets or prefer the good ole' high street?

Anyway! That was my first whole look thingymabomg
Haven't really done anything like it before 
so I know it's not perfect
However, imperfect is far more interesting than perfect :)
You could wear this outfit to lunch with friends and then 
pop on a pair of heels, dab on some red lipstick..
maybe even smokeout the eye a bit..
and you're good to go for evening! :-)

Let me know what you think an if you have any questions!
Daily smile: if you're feeling down, dressing up
 and doing your hair and/or makeup can help make 
you feel special and give you a smile :D


  1. I really like your unruly brows, and the rings are gorgeous! xxx

  2. lol thanks! i like my eyebrows too..I really don't like the look of over-plucked twin-looking brows! lol...just a bit of neatening is all that's needed in my opinion..:D
    thankyou for commenting :) xxxxx

  3. Very nice! I like it :)

  4. aw this is such a good look, LC is a great fashion and beauty inspiration. why dont u include a pic to show the comparison?

  5. I didn't really use one pic as my inspiration..i just used her in general but good idea! maybe if I do another one of these I shall :) thankyou for the tip :D xxx

  6. I loooove lauren's style. Very nice job!

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