Sunday, 9 May 2010

30 random things

Alas, 'tis time for a tag! 
I have tagged myself (oh yes!) to do 
the 50 random things in your room tag
h o w e v e r
50 is a lot of photos to upload
so i have changed it to 30 :)
hope you don't mind
i tag you all!!!!

One of Three birdies hanging off my lamp
pink clock...
pig mask (the tag calls for randomness)
pink flowers in a pink pot
hairspray! (love the musical :)
some bare minerals goodies from a makeupalley 
swap in a cute little box in which 
I decided to put some Polish money..random
this stuff gives a glorious natural looking flush
buildable too! (and cheap!)
dvds! from a classic like breakfast at tiffany's..
to stereotypical mean quirky it!
addidas trainers...bought rather cheaply 
from sports direct I believe :)
pink venecian mask complete with robert
pattinson calendar in the background (yeah baby)
red, starry, JAZZY ebay (whoop!) moon boot
the wallpaper from above my bed
"you can do it, if you b&q it"
enough said
jewellery stand with rings and a primark flower headband
(i think we have established I like a bargain) 
3D glasses from seeing Alice in Wonderland 
(well done Tim Burton) hehe
jewellery storage box inspired by TheStyleDiet off youtube :)
(retro?) pink bin! (a reoccurring pink theme seems to be appearing)
yup, definately a pink theme

almonds, yummmm!
baby shoes *aaah, sweet nostalgia
candlestick on a magazine background 
pretty tights me likey
lamp (again, b&q:)
floral satchel that i share with my madre..well it's her's 
but she seldom uses it...hence, it landed in my room ;) 
disposable camera from Tiger (brilliant shop:)
please note the small print under 'Single Use Camera'
it says (also ideal for couples)..thought it was quite cute 
of them to make a joke hehe
'make your own rubber' set i got from a japanese neighbour
that's right, make your own R U B B E R 
(fyi, I am also a stationary geek)
patterned scissors (scissors is spelt weird, huh? Anyway..)
from Primark! -don't think they do the set this came in anymore..
pen and pencil pots with...
you guessed it! pens and pencils!
peppermint gum is the one
(also, did you know TREBOR spells ROBERT backwards)
shocker, eh?

Hope that wasn't too mundane for you ladies and gents
Don't forget, I tag you ALL 

Dig out something random from when you were a kiddy 
e.g. pink pig mask haha to make you smile :)


  1. I don't get it a game we're supposed to play? LOL

  2. yeah :) it's a don't have to do it but i'm tagging you all :) lol
    there's lots of tags...50 random questions, top 5 drugstore beauty products, the list goes on :)
    i find them fun :) xx


  4. nooooooooo! :( lol I lost the game too now haha

  5. What do you mean by tagging!?

  6. im just tagging asking you to do it in a way
    but you don't have's like when you tag someone in a game of tag lol

    let's say i do a pet peeves tag where i talk about 5 pet peeves or something, then i tag you and alexa for example, and then you can do the tag too...thing is you don't have to and you can just to the tag without being it's kinda pointless actually hah! still they are really fun to do :D xxxx

  7. I have so many of those DVDs :) great taste

  8. thankyou so much for coming to visit my blog :) and commenting too :D thankyou xxxx

  9. i love that satchel! where is it from? a laptop would look super cute in it!

  10. ps im following.

    here i am:

  11. thanks for following! :) I'm now following you, too :D the satchel is 'furla' btw xxxx