Tuesday, 11 May 2010

popped in to primark

so, some time last week i went into primada *ahem
and i picked up a few things -hardly exciting apart from one t shirt, really

I have been looking for a breton srtriped style top for quite some time 
so in i popped to primark one day and this baby was calling my name!
there were only a few left and i took this one without trying it on
I'm glad I got it a bit baggy because as horizontal stripes make you look wider
so a bit of looseness is a more flattering in my opinion
and get this: it was only £1.50
It will look really cute with a pair of denim hotpants for Summer and 
for now perhaps a pair of jeans and a navy cardi :)
That was the main reason for this post but I did also buy
this floral hairband
it's pretty bright :) and if I don't get round to wearing it in my hair, 
it can be attached to a handbag or to decorate something in my room
I think it cost £1 or £2
And then lastly, primark is pretty brilliant for the practicalities
like coloured socks! hehe
these cheer up a workout anyday with these fab bright colours
i think white and black ones came in the pack too :)
They look rather jolly peeping out of trainers with black leggings 
when i do my exercise dvds which I wrote about earlier :D

daily smile: wear something bright to cheer up your day :)

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  1. I got the same tshirt a couple of weeks ago! It's such a basic but so pretty, I agree with the jeans and navy cardi it looks lovely! xx