Thursday, 27 May 2010

NOTD as they say

Ello ello ello
well. here are the nails of the day...
[does anyone actually change their nail colour every day? :O]
here we are with natural collection's 'Hibiscus'
complete with OPI's nail envy used as a base 
(did I do a top coat too? arghh I can't remember! sorry!)
I snipped and painted 'em about three days ago I want to say...
so far so good, they are chipping a little bit at the tips due to everyday activities...
I do believe natural collection polishes are only around £2!

Happy with the OPI nail strengthener I used as a base...
I learnt my lesson with the base coats..remember that 
L.A. colours sparkly purple? 
it's so hard to get it off!!! 
I had to paint over it with a different colour..
then it eventually came off when I used that cutex 
nail polish remover
(thankyou google images for the pic)
this stuff is GOOD.

Anyway, I probably would have made my life easier if I would
have used a base coat...also I don't want my nails developing
a blue, red or yellow tinge for that matter!

ok, so I know everyone is crazy about the nudes, lilacs, pale greens and 
turquoises at the momento but I decided to go for 
a typically 'blonde' colour this time :D (plus, I bought a Rimmel
nudey colour about 1/2 weeks ago and I'm not very happy with it...)

oooooooh! and yesterday I added some gems! hip hip!
i placed them sort of sporadically...well not on each nail is what I'm trying to say..

I chose a turquoise flower to contrast brightly with the pink 
(n.b. the true colour of the polish is shown better in the first picture)
the little flowers are actually pretty sturdy so I am glad I made the investment of £1 in them

have a fabulous day ladies!!!


  1. That color is gorgeous! :)

  2. loving the lil flowers - where did you get them from x

  3. i got the little flowers in a local £1 shop believe it or not! I wrote more about it two (?) blog posts ago :) xxx