Wednesday, 26 May 2010

'Tacky' might be the word

£1 shops are the way to go if you're looking for a bit of tack ;)
Looooook what I got meself!
I kid you not ladies and gents! 
I bought a nail bedazzling kit, haha
i know, i know..
but look at all the sparklessss!
and for just uno poundo!

Ok, now seriously, I am not going to go all out blingtastic and stick 
three gems on per nail but I do like a little twinkle on my toes or finger nails
I think it's key not to put too many on, and maybe not on each nail (personally)
On some people, a little white one on each nail might look right,
but it's just not my style...i prefer to have like...hmm maybe 2 or 3 per hand

and don't worry, I won't be applying these on a daily basis..
they're just for a bit of fun...and considering the price, why not!?

I'll keep you posted :)

ps: completely off topic, but i thought i might share with you:
feeling peckish? instead of grabbing the crisps...opt for some veg!
it actually tastes nice people!

a fellow blogger and friend Nat often posts about healthy means/recipes
as well as beauty and randomness...
if you want to check her blog out

I boiled some carrots and asparagus the other night...
the colours are pretty ^.^
huh, that little face reminds me of some sort of Japanese comic
book character (^.^) (¬.¬)
haha I amuse myself

ok I shall stop rambling now chaps
goodbye and good luck in the rest of your exams if you 
are doing them atm
(I never have to do English literature again in my life...
E V E R!)

ok, i'm actually going now...



  1. Wow that's a really good deal!!! :)

  2. just check out your local pound shops ladies :)