Tuesday, 18 May 2010


hello chaps
just thought about giving you all a little update!

Today was my 10th day of the 30 day shred...I feel great!
I started out doing solely level first i used my tiny pink
half a kilogram handweights which were a good start but 
pretty easy :) As I didn't have any larger weights, I used
1.5 L bottles of water...they weren't 100% full but 
BOY they were heavier than the weights, I tell you!

The sheer size of them and the water swishing and spolishing
around in them made them quite uncomfortable to work with
(were hand for a quick drink though!) 

so, yesterday I went 
ahead and bought something off my wishlist: the Davina hand
weights! They are quite big, but they are in pretty colours,
and were £9.99 instead of £14.99 hip hip hooray!

Since Sunday I have been mixing up different weights 
with levels 1 and 2..level 2 with the water bottles was
just a this morning I did level one with my 1.13kg
(about 2.5 lbs) dumbbells and tomorrow is level 2 with the 
same ones!

Level 2 is evil..
but evil.

but I love it! exercise makes you feel so good about 
yourself, seriously, it's worth a shot!

also, on Saturday I tried yoga with some friends!
we went to a class which wasn't really beginner, but it
was f a b u l o u s !
I really enjoyed it and have taken some moves home for
a relaxing stretch after my morning work out.
I don't think it's for everyone but I feel it improves posture,
it tones and it just makes you feel good.

Don't get me wrong, I still like more jumpy-a-roundy
and pumping-the-muscle and raising-the-heartrate stuff
-wow that was a lot of dashes---h-e-h-e-

okie doke, well that was my update for you guys n dolls
oh! also..I am thinking of changing my blog background etc.
I don't know if I like the black so much...please let me know
what you would are the ones reading it (I hope;)

also, let me know if you have any flat tum tum tricks I need
to know about ;) but I reckon it's all health and fitness, right?

If you've made it this far... congrats!
I think you deserve a picture of some sort...words and words
non stop can make your brain frazzle sometimes 

yep, random!
hope it made you smile!
(and no, It's not my cat...I just thought it was funny!)


  1. lol ur crazeyyyyy ola!
    how about flower print? but its better if its white cos otherwise writing is hard to read, or a block colour

  2. I like the black background. It is easier to read than some other blogs that use a light background AND light colored text. Or if you don't like the black try a charcoal/gray instead?


  3. hmm..thanks for the feedback! I was thinking maybe something in a shabby chic style..but that's kind of I'll have to experiment a little :) x