Sunday, 9 May 2010


LC = Lauren Conrad
I love her style, I love her hair, I love her makeup
and she's writing/written books: a trilogy actually
L.A. Candy
Sweet Little Lies
3rd book still to come: Sugar and Spice
So I read LA candy a while back,
and yesterday I finished Sweet Little Lies
(who my friend Alexa kindly let me borrow )
Let's face it that Lauren Conrad is no Jane Austen
however..if you are a hills freak like myself
then these books will be enjoyable
She writes about a "reality tv show" and its stars,
the gossip, the drama, the backstage, the little details
LC uses other names for the characters so it's quite
interesting trying to figure out who's who :)
I'd reccomend if you are a hills/Lauren obsessive
but if you're looking for something
deep and incredibly intelligent, then
I'd skip this might make a nice holiday book..
but I am just trying to avoid revision by reading
it in term time i guess ;)
ALSO, look what came in the post
whoop whoooop flat tum tum here we come
daily smile: try reading a few pages of your favourite book
to make you smile - and share your literary finds with others


  1. Didnt know she wrote another book, im still waiting for the first one from the library.
    Lemme know is the work out CD is any good i need one as well :)

  2. i am OBSESSED with the hills. I also just bought a skirt from the Lauren Conrad clothing line - I should probably be embarassed about that, but I love it :) Anyway, I've been slightly intrigued to buy and read her books, but I figured, how good could they be? Seems like a fun summer read though, according to your post - I'll prob give it a whirl. Thanks for the review :)

  3. you're welcome! thankyou both so much for reading my blog :D Yeah, the books make a good Summer read :)

    ...and I did work our with level 1 of the 30 day shred dvd today and i had proper beads of sweat rolling down my face-LOVED IT :) still have 29 days to go..the work out isn't easy but I am really starting to love exercise! i'll let you know how I got on after the full 30 days :) xxx