Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rain, rain, don't go away ;)

Ok, so there I was walking along and boom! the smell of rain!
It wasn't even raining heavily but it still smelt so beautiful!
Does anyone else love the smell of rain?
Anyways, this led me on to decide that today's post was going 
to be about my current, everyday perfume
RAIN by Marc Jacobs
This scent is really original and not as well known as 
e.g. Marc Jacob's Daisy..
which was my day-to-day perfume before this one!
I'm not the best at describing scents so I found this online:

Key notes of Marc Jacobs Rain perfume include:
  • Fresh cut wet grass
  • Wild strawberries
  • Sunshine flower
  • White orchid
  • Passion and Sunshine flower
  • Clementine orange zest
  • Tropical rain accord
  • Dewy Cypress
Rich woodsy undertones of beech amber, musk, tree moss, 
and teak wood complete the fragrance.

I would just say it is a fresh, quirky, modern scent....doesn't really smell 
of rain per se but it's unique!
I probably won't repurchase it right away though, as I like to change
up my perfume...although this is a 300ml goodness knows when
I get to the bottom of it!

What are your favourite perfumes?

Sometimes a spritz of your favourite scent is enough to make you smile :), back to revision...


  1. Ohhhh....I also love that smell of rain! I have to check this perfume out. I love flowerbomb by Victor Rolf and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. :)They both make me think about vacations as that's when I purchased them. :)

  2. mmm//that victor and rolf one is lovely- very sweet! and yes, the light blue is a classic! :) xxx

  3. OMG I want to smell what rian smells like!
    Might have to seeeee.
    But I usually prefer sweet smells =]