Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tag! a magic number

Tag: Three of me!

the lovely charstarfashionbeautyblogger (
-who posts regularly and is pretty fabulous-tagged
me to do this 'three of me' tag...and tags are fun, so here goes!

Three names I go by:
Olenka, Ola, Olash :-)

Three Jobs I have had:
..none yet apart from working in a charity shop for
the volontary part of Duke of Edinburgh Silver award..
I used to sell twigs on the wall where I live when I was
little though (haha! Sir Alan would be proud)

Three fave drinks:

Three TV shows I watch: 
(only three?!)
Lost, Glee, The City

Three Places I have been:
Italy..China, France :)

Three places I would like to go:
New Zealand

Three people who text me regularly:
Vodafone ;)
Mamaa dearest
Best Friend

Three favourite old tv shows:

Teletubies (oh yes) -my fave was lala, yours?
Top of the Pops
Tracy Beaker (cbbc did not let down I tell you)

Three favourite dishes:
Pasta with prawns, garlic and coriander YUM
Tomato Soup..homemade style 'kayyyy
Prawn Cocktail

Three make up / beauty products I cannot live without:
MASCARA Fow show!
I love my 2True Cheek n Lip Tint
I wanna say...hmm...lipbalm..or concealer?
Yes, I know I cheated
(or suncream if that counts as beauty:)

Three things im looking forward to:
Finishing Exams = Free Time!
Work Experience as an Architect...
Holidays Holidays Holidays!

I tag you all! Especially Alexa, Fleur, Rocaille, Ansa and Natalie
(click, click and click!)

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