Thursday, 3 June 2010

41 changes?!?! SATC2!

I read online that Carrie had 
41 costume changes in SATC2.. that even P O S S I B L E ? ! ? ! ? ! !
I don't remember that many outifts!

who cares, the clothes were Fabulous!
(capital 'F'!)
and although the story line may have been a little
blah, it was such a fun, girly, easy-to-watch movie
the plot line really didn't matter so much...
because what the plot was lacking was 
made up for in CLOTHES!

thought I'd share some of my favourites 
with you munchkins!

from one of the first scenes, 
isn't this a BEAUT!
maybe not one of my faves, 
but just wanted to include it to ask
'who else could Carrie this off?'
-original, I know-
and this...
because it's two tiered
it's electric blue
it contrasts nicely with the 
crazy orange sunnies
and it's simply gorggg
i don't recall seeing the green sweatband 
looking thing in the movie but i definately 
noticed SJP's AH-MAZING
flat stomach in that tied shirt with 
those light wash jeans :)
 and the colour and general wowness of Carrie's 
creamy coral number here
complete with quirky headdress!
 this bright orange piece of fantasticness
reminds me of the blue two tier I included earlier
but this one is purddyyy in its own right, right? ;)
I also LOVED the dress Carrie wore on the plane
but I couldn't find a decent picture of it online!
It was like a dirty mauvey brown colour with 
gorgeous neckline detail so maybe if you've seen 
the movie, you can remember?
if not, then I'm sure you'll find plenty of your own 
favourites! :D

in this last picture all four ladies look scrumptious
and I have to say I think Samantha's dress is
gohhrrrgeous and suits her saucy character perfectly
some may think it's not age appropriate but when 
did that ever matter to Samantha!? :)
let me know what you lovely ladies
thought of the movie..and the clothes!
do you have any favourites?

(don't spoil for people who haven't seen it yet though
-i hate it when that happens!)

I'm off to hunt down the first ever SATC episode
on sidereel as I didn't watch the series because
I was a tad young to watch it but I'll try it now :)


  1. I loved all the clothes too, they are great!

  2. i loooove sex and the city! i've watched every single episode because i'm that cool...the first episode & season is a little strange to watch because all of the characters look so different, but the later seasons (like season 2 and after) are very enjoyable :) have fun!

  3. ahhh I never found no time to watch sex and the city.. But now I kinda feel like I would enjoy it..
    and then maybe have a good discussion with you too (: xxx
    don't you think she is kinda similar to that Polish singer Kayah? not looking at her blond her of course! :)