Sunday, 20 June 2010

I might have gone shopping again...

As I sit here infront of my PC, 
chewing my tasty gum...
(which isn't really as long lasting as it makes out! :O shocker)

...I have to say I went to Primark...
shhhhh it's cheap.

But look what I bought!

Such a cute dress in such a classic
colour combo with such a carefree 
polkadot print! and with the 
fabulous price tag of £5!

So...for £1.50
I couldn't resist buying these
earrings to match:

(a little vintage inspired maybe?
quite impressive, primark...
keep up the good work!)

I think these two purchases would look
scrumptious together..along with some
white/cream tights for when it's colder
and perhaps a spot of winged liner...

speaking of which! (see what I did there ;)

I popped into the nearby superdrug aswell
and bought the sleek ink pot
gel eyeliner type thingy in 'dominatrix'.

I am quite dissappointed with a grey one I have
but this seems much better!
I will probably do a review for your beauties later..

Ta Ta For Now!

And it's Father's Day, soooo
go enjoy your day with your Daddy!


  1. ahhh this post made me a laugh!"shhh its cheap" lol.m OoOh I love those sleek eye pots xxxx

  2. Thanks Kim! My experience with my first grey sleek ink pot isn't so fabulous but I have swatched the black one and much prefer it!!!
    :D xxx

  3. I love the dress and the earrings.

  4. Thankyou lovelies! ♥
    so fabulous to get some comments :)

  5. What the HELL is that ink pot thing?
    lool i'm confused my dear.

  6. lol @NatELizabeth it's a gel eyeliner :)

  7. In a FAT box like that!?

    And dude I got it for £14.99, and FREE postage...
    But it's a smaller one, but I don't care as long as it sews.
    And the modern ones are WAY cheaper than the old ones [=

  8. loool the box is like 4cm by 4 cm...maybe the photo makes it look big! haha! and that is such a good deal! do you know some good websites for sewing machine type stuff?

  9. errrrrrm, ebay? ha, that's were I get most of my shizzle.

    And Ola, I'll post you some details on your blog/or text you like tomormroowoww?

    bear with me seniorita xxx